How to Create an AdSense Account for YouTube Step-By-Step



    In this guide, you’ll learn how to create an AdSense account for YouTube.

    You’ll find both a written and video step-by-step tutorial on how to make an AdSense account on YouTube so you can fully understand the process of setting up an AdSense account to get paid on YouTube. The first section includes the written instructions and the second section has the video walkthrough.

    The ultimate goal here is to teach you how to open an AdSense account on YouTube to start monetizing your channel to earn money from ads placed on your videos.

    How to Create an AdSense Account for YouTube

    1. Sign In to YouTube Studio

    The first step for how to create an AdSense account for YouTube and link it to your channel is to sign in to YouTube Studio.

    It’s important to start the process of opening an Adsense account through YouTube Studio because Google does not allow duplicate AdSense accounts to exist. You can only have one AdSense account under the same payee name per AdSense’s Terms and Conditions.

    2. Open the Monetization Tab

    The next step for how to make AdSense account for YouTube is to open the Monetization tab that’s located in the lefthand sidebar menu and see if your channel is eligible

    On the Monetization page, you’ll immediately know if you can set up your AdSense account yet. If you’re eligible to do so, then you’ll see an “Apply Now” button for the Youtube Partner Program. If not, you’ll see a button for “Notify Me When Eligible” that will send you an email when your channel has met the requirements

    To be eligible to monetize videos, you must join the YouTube Partner Program which requires your channel to meet these requirements:

    • 1,000 Subscribers
    • 4,000 Watch Hours
    • 2-Step Verification Turned On
    • 0 Active Community Guidelines Strikes

    3. Start Creating an AdSense Account for YouTube

    During the application process for the YouTube Partner Program, you’ll be able to make an AdSense account. Click on the “Start” button that’s located on the Sign-Up for Google AdSense card to begin the creation process.

    You’ll have to enter your YouTube account password to re-authenticate your credentials, which is a feature put into place to protect your account. So follow the prompts to complete this verification step.

    Next, you need to choose the Google account you want to use for AdSense and then log in with those credentials. This account will be the administrator; however, you can add additional users to your YouTube AdSense account at a later point if you’d like.

    4. Verify Your Email Address

    At this stage of the process, you should now be inside the Google AdSense dashboard. But before you do anything else, the next important step for how to open an AdSense account for YouTube is to confirm the email address you’re logged in with is the correct one at the top of the page.

    If it’s the right email address, then you’re good to move on to the next step of this tutorial. If not, then you need to click on the link that says “Use a Different Account” to switch to the correct Google account to manage your YouTube channel with AdSense.

    5. Set Up the AdSense for YouTube

    After confirming you’re logged in with the correct Google account, you can now continue setting up your AdSense account for YouTube. Here, you just need to provide your contact information for the Google AdSense application.

    6. Submit the AdSense Application

    The next step is to click the “Submit” button to send your AdSense application to Google for verification. In YouTube Studio, you’ll see a message under the Monetization tab in the Sign Up for Google AdSense card that says “In Progress”.

    7. Wait for Approval

    Now, you just need to wait for Google to approve your YouTube AdSense account. Once it’s approved, you’ll get an email and see the word “Done” under the Sign Up for Google AdSense card on YouTube to confirm that you have successfully linked your AdSense account to YouTube.

    8. Complete Your AdSense Account Information

    The last step for how to create an AdSense account on YouTube is to complete your account information on AdSense. Otherwise, you will not get paid for the money you earn from ads displayed on your videos.

    To finalize your AdSense account, you need to provide the following information:

    • Tax information
    • Personal identity details and address
    • Payment threshold for getting paid
    • Form of payment such as check, electronic funds transfer, or wire transfer

    After everything is set up, you’ll be able to access your YouTube earning data on a dedicated page in your Adsense account from the lefthand sidebar menu.

    Do You Need an AdSense Account to Make Money On YouTube?

    You do not need an AdSense account to make money on YouTube unless you want to monetize your videos with ads. Affiliate marketing is another way to earn extra money from YouTube by including affiliate links in your video descriptions.

    You can also use YouTube to market and sell your own products, get paid by brands to do review videos, and use a website like Patreon to receive donations that can help fund your YouTube channel without AdSense.

    If you have a website in addition to a YouTube channel, then you may want to check out this other guide answering the question about how much does AdSense pay per 1,00o views. Or go directly to this step-by-step guide that shows how to add Google Ads to your website.

    How Do You Qualify for AdSense On YouTube?

    To quality for AdSense on Youtube your channel must have more than 1,000 subscribers, more than 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months, no active Community Guidelines strikes, and a linked AdSense account.

    Your channel must also follow all YouTube channel monetization policies and the account holder must live in a country or region where the YouTube Partner Program is available. You can view the complete list of YouTube Partner Program overview & eligibility here.

    Now, if you have a Blogger blog, then you can also monetize it with AdSense by connecting the two accounts together. If you want to learn how to perform this process from start to finish, then check out this other tutorial on how to create an AdSense account for Blogger.

    Creating an AdSense Account for YouTube Summary

    I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to create an AdSense account for YouTube.

    As you discovered, the process for how to make an AdSense account on YouTube is quick and easy to do. As long as your channel meets the requirements for the YouTube Partner Program, then you can set up and link an AdSense account to monetize your videos and get paid on YouTube.

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