7 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms



    Want to amp up your brand marketing efforts with influencer marketing?

    Facing difficulties in finding the right social media influencers for your brand?

    Finding influencers for your brand can be a challenging task. Running and managing influencer marketing campaigns is no easy feat either.

    This is where influencer marketing platforms come into the picture.

    In this blog, we will take you through some of the best influencer marketing platforms out there. To help you make a wise decision, we will lead you through the top highlights, USP and other features of the influencer marketing platforms.

    What is Influencer Marketing?

    Influencer marketing is a marketing technique wherein brands collaborate with online influencers to market their products and services. Influencer marketing can be done on majority social media platforms but most brand marketers prefer Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

    Apart from launching products and services, influencer marketing also helps in improving brand presence. Influencers need not be just celebrities, influencers can also be individuals who have a good hold over a particular niche with a good amount of followers and reach.

    What is an Influencer Marketing Platform?

    Influencer marketing platforms help you discover influencers for your influencer marketing campaigns. These platforms are well-equipped with several different features that will help you find and evaluate influencers. This also helps in knowing about the ROI of your campaign. These platforms make sure your investment does not go in vain!

    So, without much further ado, let’s dive straight into the best influencer marketing platforms!

    Best Influencer Marketing Platforms

    1) Unbox Social

    Unbox Social is one of the top influencer marketing platforms which helps you find the right influencers for your brand.

    Unbox Social’s influencer marketing platform offers a huge database of influencers from across niches, platforms, and tiers.

    Unbox Social provides you access to a list of influencers that you can filter according to your preferences.

    Find The Right Influencers – DISCOVERY

    For Your Business Access high-quality database across Instagram & YouTube. Find influencers by location, category, community size or engagement rate.

    Influencer Profile Data – EVALUATION

    Get influencer profile data you need to pick the best fit for your target audience. Evaluate their audience demographic, content and quality of engagement. Sort influencer content by post performance. Track your campaign performance. Learn which influencer and posts perform the best to achieve your business goals. Easily generate reports.

    Measure Performance & Automate Reports

    1. Campaign Report

    Track your campaign performance. Learn which influencer and posts perform the best to achieve your business goals. Easily generate reports.

    2. Pitch Deck – View Summary

    Build a list for a new campaign and get a data-driven summary report to evaluate your influencers post-selection. Our report will include cumulative Reach, Engagement metrics, Influencer’s Category & Pyramid Breakdown along with Demographics and Geography insights.

    3. Story Insights

    With Unbox Social, get stories data for your influencer campaign. Track performance with key metrics like delivered Impressions, Reach to Link Clicks to get accurate performance of campaigns.

    Advance “Smart Search ” Feature

    Use our unique feature “Smart Search” to track influencers your competition is working with, benchmark best-in-class content in your category.

    Wondering how your Influencer marketing campaigns are faring? Find a list of influencers from various categories and curate them using deep insights. Monitor follower counts, brands they have worked with, geographic location, engagement rates and much more.

    2) Plixxo

    Share the type of influencer you want to work with, a brief background of your brand and the goal you want to achieve as a part of your influencer marketing campaign.

    Based on your brief, the tool provides you with a list of influencers. You can then make a selection and start generating coverage on your social media handles.

    3) Tapinfluence

    Another influencer marketing platform you can check out is Tapinfluence.

    This influencer marketing platform helps in influencer discovery, campaign workflow and measurement of campaigns. On Tapinfluence, you can explore influencers from across the categories of fashion, food, beauty, and lifestyle.

    You can try using this influencer marketing platform to find influencers, create campaigns and get social media coverage.

    4) Qoruz

    Qoruz is an influencer marketing platform that also offers features including influencer discovery, and influencer marketing campaign tracking.

    This influencer marketing platform allows you to build campaigns by helping you search for influencers, and then build influencer marketing campaign workflows. Once you start running your influencer marketing campaigns, you can monitor the campaigns. Based on this data, you can boost your influencer marketing efforts.

    5) ChtrBox

    You can start with creating campaigns by sharing brand objectives, and the desired results. Using the influencers database, you can find partners to collaborate on different types of campaigns including product reviews, launch events, sampling etc.

    After finding influencers to collaborate with, you can go on to send tasks to them. Following this, influencers will share content featuring your brand and you can analyze the campaign metrics to assess performance.

    6) Pulpkey

    Pulpkey is an influencer marketing platform where brands can approach content creators to build campaigns.

    On Pulpkey, you need to have at least 2,000 Instagram followers or a minimum of 500 YouTube subscribers. This influencer marketing platform focuses on giving advertisements a human voice, through brand-influencer collaborations.

    This tool also helps you find influencers suitable to your needs, by using relevant insights about them.

    7) Mustr

    Different from the regular influencer marketing platforms, Mustr gives data on journalists and bloggers. It helps agencies to manage their journalists’ and bloggers’ connections. Right from sharing press releases to campaign projects with bloggers, this platform helps you do it all.

    More like a networking platform, Mustr gives you access to its database that consists of information on journalists and bloggers. This platform is highly suitable for organisations that largely rely on PR campaigns.

    Summing It Up

    Influencer marketing has the power to drive impact amongst audiences. But, the real challenge lies in finding the right influencers, executing campaigns, aligning campaign activities to brand goals, and assessing the influencer marketing ROI.

    An influencer marketing platform helps you in these aspects of your influencer marketing campaigns.

    Sign up for a demo or send us a mail at [email protected] to give Unbox Social a spin.

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